"Rich combines good decision making with creative thinking and a client-minded attitude making him a valuable asset to any team. I hold Rich in high regard as an ethical, pragmatic, and detail oriented event production partner."
Matthew Saravay, President, Wizard Studios NYC

"Because of his leadership, the client is always happy with him and his employees. This shows that he knows how to run a company. He puts others interests before his own and goes to any lengths to make a happy and enjoyable work environment."
Dominique Montelbano, Senior Project Consultant, PFT

"I've worked with Rich for years. When we first met Rich introduced me to all sorts of powers that be in the events industry, putting his masterful networking and relationship-building skills to bear. Since then Rich has become my go-to guy for best-of-class events, vendors, connections, and a vitality and spirit that is unmatched. He throws unbelievable events at better rates than anyone else can get. He will do right by you. Always. And you'll have fun during the process."
Rebecca Brian, Founder and President, Tribecca Designs

"Last night was the launch of our new special events division, led by Richard O'Malley and it was incredible. The venues looked like they have never looked before and Richard had over 500 people in attendance who specialize in special events. Kudos."
Kevin Morrow, President, New York - Music