Consulting Services

The O'Malley Project offers a wide range of services designed to make your small and mid-sized business more profitable and efficient.

Sales Training: Our trainers have been successful managers and entrepreneurs in various fields of special events and beyond and have the ability to tailor their training specifically to your business. We will meet with your sales staff and make them a team you will be happy to pay commissions to.

Hiring Practices: In the special events industry there seems to be a certain type of individual that fits for our companies. We have developed advanced interview processes designed to identify those with the entrepreneurial spirit you desire and require. We've found our top-notch group, let us find yours.

Inventory Control: It takes a unique talent to run the operations side of any rental or production company, but those within the special events industry have an even more unique challenge, that of an unlimited expectation of perfection from our clients. Our Inventory Control System is designed to help you keep your quality high and your payroll expenses low.

Networking Seminars: So, you had your team join several industry groups and yet nothing seems to be happening, perhaps they need some instruction on how to get the most out of their networking opportunities. Networking is not a science it is an art, let us fill in those fine strokes. This service can be combined with the Sales Training Program as well.

Staff Management: You have a wonderful group of employees, but you haven't gotten everything out of them that you expected. We can provide you and your management team with the keys to managing the great employees and the ones you wish you never hired.

Training Manuals: Our trainers have written and assembled countless industry training manuals and can create a company wide manual catered to your needs.